Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Camping tips for first timers! - Photo diary

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Hello and welcome to HALECTRONA.

Killbear Provincial Park, near Parry Sound, Ontario, is the one of the most beautiful places scenic places to go camping. My family has gone every year since I was a little kid and for good reason.

My first tip for you is to come prepared for ANY weather. We were caught in a crazy bout of rain and had little idea how to handle it without our parents. 
  • When you first set up your campsite, set up a few tarps (bring lots of extra rope!) over a picnic table and over the fire so that even if it rains, you can sit outside instead of in a stuffy tent. 
  • Put your clothes in the car. We left ours in our tent, which leaked in the corners and all over clothes were left soaked or damp at the least. We were lucky to be able to dry our clothes at the facilities in the campground, otherwise I have no idea what we would have done
  • Bring lots of warm clothes to wear at night, you'll want to stay cozy after dark and keep bugs away
Secondly, organize your food well. Try to keep one cooler for meats only, one for drinks and for produce. It saves you from having to throw out anything thats contaminated by meat that has melted (make sure you pre-freeze anything you won't eat on the first night!).
  • Freeze plastic waterbottles instead of buying ice, they'll last longer
  • Bring lots of snacks. Include fresh fruit to bring to the beach, trail mix and protein bars
  • Bring potatoes and wrap them in tin foil. Throw them in the fire for some delicious baked potatoes (trust me, you'll thank me)

Find a nice place to watch the sunset. At Killbear, the cliffs at Harolds Point (pictured above) have the perfect view. Be prepared for a crowd, but don't worry, it'll be beautiful nonetheless. Also, if you do go to Killbear, Harolds Point has cliff jumping that you can during the day, definitely drop by!

Bring good company! This way even if it rains and it feels like everything you own is wet, you'll enjoy every second ;)

Do you have a go-to camping spot? Comment below where yours is!

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