Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gossip Girl guide to NYC

Spotted: S at the Palace, B at Laduree, Lonely Boy Grand Central and Chuck at the Empire. Want to live like your favorite characters in NYC? Read on for the most popular locations on Gossip Girl so you can visit and create a scandal of your own.

1. Lotte New York Palace - 455 Madison Ave

The Palace is where Serena's family lives temporarily in season one and is also the site of many gatherings of our favorite people. Can you even count the number of times you've heard "drinks at the Palace" on Gossip Girl? I doubt it. The Palace is also where the debutante ball took place. Look out for the golden interior and the gorgeous courtyard that are both featured quite frequently in the show.

Spotted: S&B gazing out the window at the Palace. Who are they waiting for?

If you get the chance to stay at the Palace, look for Maurice. He works there and knows all the spots in the Palace that were used for Gossip Girl, if you're nice, he'll even give you a tour.

2. Constance Billard (Museum of the City of New York) - 1220 5th Ave

Constance Billard is the prep school the girls of the show attended, but you already knew that. While the building is not actually a private school, it is a museum and you are free to take photos of as many re-enactments as you like. If you can't make it there, Google Maps has a great 360 view of the front of it.

3. Pulitzer Fountain - 746 5th Ave, New York

You'll find Pulitzer Fountain at the south-east corner of Central Park, in front of the Plaza hotel. It was used in season one as Serena and Blair's backdrop as they photographed their way through Central Park in Eleanor's stolen dresses.

4. Met Steps - 1000 5th Ave

This is a must-see for any Gossip Girl fanatic. The steps of the Met are the centre of the mean girl drama at Constance Billard. I don't think any further explanation is needed, grab your besties and snap and pic.

5. Grand Central Station - 89 E 42nd St

Ah, Grand Central, where it all began. You'll see this at the start of the very first episode, Serena looking longingly over the side of the gorgeous balcony and Lonely Boy down at the bottom, as usual.

6. Sunday Brunch 

Life on the Upper East Side wouldn't be complete without brunch. There are lots of cute cafes you can go to for a good mimosa and frittata. 

Spotted: S&B brunching. Wonder what they were up to last night.

7. Empire Hotel - 44 W 63rd St

Chuck's hotel exists in real life, glowing red sign and all. It was established in 1889. Calling all Blair wannabes, that iconic sign is waiting for you.


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  1. These pictures are gorgeous, I seriously have to visit New York some day, it's a must! Your blog is really great, you seem so lovely too, let me know if you would like to keep in touch I love meeting new blogger friends! x

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to keep in touch!